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Transforming women and men from disadvantage into focused achievers; intent on/committed to creating new futures for themselves and their whanau

  Cornerstone Partner


It is a great privilege to welcome the Gallagher Charitable Trust as RAW’s first Cornerstone Partner. The financial support of Gallagher’s for three years is key to RAW achieving real change in its women’s and men’s lives. With this support RAW will be able to continue developing new initiatives to provide opportunities for employment and family reconnection to break the intergenerational cycle of crime.

  Driving real social change and choice for socially disadvantaged demographics

RAW offers socially disadvantaged women and men a pathway forward to a different lifestyle through an unprecedented level of wrap around support and education. The benefits to New Zealand don’t stop there because in creating a highly functional parent, RAW also enables the next generation to be loved, protected and nurtured though the education system, creating a new cycle of opportunity and contribution.

Annah Stretton

The RAW Incubation Program

The RAW incubator model provides a multi-layered level of support that advances, challenges and excites RAW women. It addresses the key barriers to living a legal life and successful re-integration into society, which we’ve identified as:

  Association with previous contacts.

  Return to familiar, negative environments.

 Limited, if any, access to support/skill  building/direction/trusted dependable partnerships.

 Disconnection, stigmatisation and rejection by  mainstream society.

Given the extent of these barriers, it’s little wonder the women being released into our communities struggle to integrate, quickly lose belief in themselves and return to their previous lifestyles and patterns of illegal behaviours.

  Offering a pathway forward to a different lifestyle.
Real Change Requires Real Change!

Unless a woman is completely removed from her disruptive environment there is very little likelihood of sustained change occurring. All of her focus is on navigating and surviving the chaos that reigns in her life on a daily basis.

To achieve the change required to become a contributing member of mainstream society, i.e. capable of caring for her family while generating a legal and adequate income, she must be granted three things:

Incarceration to Incubation

Incarceration to Incubation RAW’s next move became obvious; to provide a place and space for this journey to continue on the outside. In March 2015 we opened our first Incubation House in the Waikato – far removed from any background noise from their old environments that had the potential to disrupt progress. Today we have two incubators operating with 4 women in each. All of the women are in study or employment, and are making excellent life choices on a daily basis.

The Integration Investment

Integrating these young women back into mainstream society will require an ongoing stream of acceptance and support from the community.

Our goal is to grow the number of incubator houses in operation up to 15 by the end of next year and have over 50 women in study and/or employment.

The reality is we need help to make that happen.

What is next?

Each incubation house takes $20,000 to run per annum.

Each woman on the programme requires $5,000 per annum funding to cover basic living expenses.

Each house relies on the community’s support to furnish.

Short term success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


Long term (1 year + ) success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


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‘If you can’t help 100 people, then just help ONE.’


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Our work is advanced because of the collaboration that we have with the following:

Gallagher Charitable Trust as RAW’s first Cornerstone Partner. 


 Should any current or former participant of a RAW programme claim a relationship with RAW or Annah Stretton please click here for more information