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In October 2012 Annah Stretton, after an approach from Women’s Refuge to assist them with funding and corporate awareness locally, asked to meet some of the women that were forced into the refuge environments. A visit to a Hamilton safe house later led to a connection with a young Maori woman, who Annah decided to mentor, walk alongside and become a significant other to, with the idea of encouraging her to consider an alternate pathway rather than the one she was destined to return to when she left refuge.


RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) was born – the first part of the pilot being a simple concept where Annah matched significant others (mentors) with women who had been subjected to domestic violence, crime, drugs and poverty . The mentors essentially guide and support the RAW women into a journey of education, which RAW locates and negotiates for the women.


The success of the first Pilot was mixed as the refuge women found it hard to disconnect from the chaos and the destruction of their everyday lives – success level were low and drop-out rates high.


Knowing that the RAW model was strong, Annah created stage two of the pilot, and turned her attention to the women’s prisons where she chose to introduce the model to highly recidivist incarcerated women of all ages. These were women that the country had forgotten, as it was believed they were beyond re-integration at the end of their sentences – these women were also generating ongoing high social and fiscal costs for New Zealanders.


Stage two of the pilot involved setting up incubation homes in the Waikato to where the incarcerated women agreed to relocate at the end of their sentence, or after a successful parole hearing. Here they would live by a very clearly defined and strict set of rules, while engaging in an education program at the University or at Wintec – courses negotiated by RAW.


To date, after one year of connection in the prison, RAW has eleven women out and in three incubation homes, and there are forty on the pathway in Auckland Women’s Prison who have been pre-selected against strict criteria to come to RAW over the next year. Such is the success of the program that Corrections has agreed to dedicate a separate part of the prison to RAW to advance the girls on the inside.


Should your organisation be interested in hearing Annah and some of the RAW women speak to the model and their journeys please contact Tanya
Note that Annah has chosen to not seek government funding to support the RAW model – this means she retains an independence that will enable her to look at change for the whole system, therefore we ask for a donation to RAW in return for her speaking


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Short term success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


Long term (1 year + ) success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


‘If you can’t help 100 people, then just help ONE.’

Our work is advanced because of the collaboration that we have with the following:

Gallagher Charitable Trust as RAW’s first Cornerstone Partner. 

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