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Help Us RAW

There are many ways you can help us to help our women and men thrive.







RAW aims to assist individuals to reintegrate into society after lengthy terms in prison.  This is not straight forward as the issues around their lives and that of their children are often enormous and complex to manage.  RAW provides a new start for women and men where they can grow to become capable and confident people with the skills necessary to support their families financially and socially.


Help us to share the message of RAW and come and hear our women speak about their life journeys before RAW and how their journeys have significantly changed with RAW by attending one of our events.


Better still plan an event, with RAW as your speaker, and help us to share the message and raise funds for our women and men to transform them from being a social burden to contributing members of the community.


Please complete the form below if you would like to hold an event.



There are so many ways money can make a difference….

Donated money will be used on a person by person basis.  Here are some examples of how you donation may be applied:

  • Educational requirements (text books, back packs, field trips, computers, equipment and tools, additional tutoring, protective clothing etc)
  • Providing basic clothing and toiletries requirements on release
  • Assistance clearing outstanding debt when applications for write-off have been denied
  • Health and appearance (dental work, tattoo removal, eye wear etc)
  • Assistance with travel, accommodation and spending money to reconnect with children and whanau
  • Assistance with celebrating children’s birthdays and other key people in their lives
  • Assistance with supporting children with clothing, health, educational, sporting and recreational activities
  • Costs associated with family and parental status
  • Support for the women’s hobbies, sport and recreational activities to encourage them in healthy lifestyles


We are always looking for people to support the model with their time.  Here are some examples of current volunteer need:


  • Coaching women and men through literacy and numeracy study programmes
  • Coaching women and men in phone and computer technology
  • Coaching how to plan, plant and maintain a seasonal vegetable garden
  • Coaching how to shop, plan and cook healthy meals on a budget
  • Working with women and men at the In Excess collectable and second hand store in Frankton, Hamilton

To Donate to RAW please complete a Bank Deposit to :

RAW 2014 Limited

Please use your name as a reference on the deposit with DONATION as a particular.

If you wish to receive a donation receipt please email

 Alternatively you  can donate through our Give-A-Little page.

Please Note that Give A Little do take a 5% commission off all donations, and  funds are not available to RAW for up to 30 days after the donation.

Alternatively, you may like to sponsor a woman or man on their journey to a better life. Please complete the form below if this appeals to you.





Second hand goods:

All of us at different stages of our lives have material excess in our homes.  RAW would love it if you would consider donating good quality items to its In Excess store.  We are always on the look-out for:

  • Furniture, especially lounge suites
  • Household items, bedding and linen
  • Street and work clothing including winter weight or waterproof jackets


In Excess is a key part of the incubation model and provides vital work experience and opportunities for our women and men to interact with the community.  If you are in Frankton check us out.

With up to 4 new incubator homes between June and August we also need donated good quality furniture, white ware, household items, bedding and linen to furnish these.

For the houses we also need:

  • Lawn mowers, weed eaters and gardening tools
  • Bicycles


New Goods:

Perhaps you are a business or an individual who can help us with:

  • A 6+ seater vehicle in good working order to transport the women and men to speaking engagements, group volunteer activities etc
  • Laptops for study
  • Gym memberships
  • Start-up kit – bras, underwear and socks
  • Start-up kit – make-up
  • Stationery
  • Fresh food – meat, fish and vegetables



Perhaps you are a business or individual that can help us with:

  • Vehicle maintenance and servicing
  • Household white ware maintenance
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Family law services




RAW only takes women and men that are looking to get real change into their lives through education leading to a career.  Initially there focus is on study.

We however want them to work up to 6 hours a week to:


  • Slowly introduce them into mainstream work spaces
  • Earn pocket money for personal items


Areas where we currently have women and men looking to work part-time or on an intern basis include:


  • IT
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Hairdressing
  • Fitness Training
  • Building Trades
  • Office Work



Please complete the form below if you can help us, or if you would like to consider one of our women or men Alternatively contact Gina on 07 282 0813 or Rebecca after hours on 027 584 7480.






We respect your privacy, and promise to never share your details with any third parties.

Short term success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


Long term (1 year + ) success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


‘If you can’t help 100 people, then just help ONE.’

Our work is advanced because of the collaboration that we have with the following:

Gallagher Charitable Trust as RAW’s first Cornerstone Partner. 

Gallagher Logo