RAW STORIES - Reclaim Another Woman | Women | Incubation
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Raw Stories


Mentor / Mentee

  • In February 2014 RAW matched a Woman 36 years of age, with an extensive criminal history, (8 years in an Australian Jail for drug trafficking, a long ...


Incarcerated Women in Incubation

  • A journey with the RAW Incubation Model: I first heard of RAW through a Seven Sharp Documentary. I was interested in finding out more about them. This...

  • Hi there, my name is Alissa, I am 29 years of age, and of Samoan and European descent. In my spare time I like to draw and paint, and would like to l...

  • My name is Ina; I am 35 years of age. I have been blessed with 4 children, three daughters and one son. The last time I went to prison was 2013, I h...

  • Kia Ora my name is Kataraina Wiringi I am of Maori decent and I was born and raised in Rotorua. I have 3 tamariki who I love so dearly. I am the young...

Short term success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


Long term (1 year + ) success rate of release and rehabilitation of RAW women into incubation:


‘If you can’t help 100 people, then just help ONE.’

Our work is advanced because of the collaboration that we have with the following:

Gallagher Charitable Trust as RAW’s first Cornerstone Partner. 

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