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Rise Events

Every so often you will find that ‘someone’ who – when asked to fulfil a showcase speaker opening slot, or an outstanding grand finale to your event – not only rises to the occasion, but oozes inspiration and purpose from every pore; draining every last second of their day until their pool of contribution is over flowing: Annah Stretton is this person.

Over my past ten years in New Zealand I have had the pleasure of working alongside some brilliant entrepreneurial minds, however, never I have met with someone who takes such a refreshing an untapped approach as Annah does. Her extraordinary zest and dedication is quite profound and infectious; once you’ve heard her speak, your mind will be on overload – your energy invigorated. I have had the privilege of working with Annah in various capacities, always observing the empowerment she brings through her philanthropic endeavours, her iconic role within the fashion world, and not to mention her publishing, networking capabilities and on the speaker circuit at many events.

Annah’s delivery is crammed full of meaning; packed with punch, and served from the heart. She manages to pull together real-life examples from all of her entrepreneurial and life experiences; weaving intricate links between the two. Her topics always relate to the broader scheme of things; they are expansive, inspiring, uplifting and yet ‘raw’…quite an ironic word to use as this has now become the acronym for her latest – most life changing – passion…..

Taking her twenty plus years as a Fashion Designer, Publisher, Author and Entrepreneur, not to mention her role as a Mother, Annah is now leading the field with her greatest passion to date: RAW – Reclaim Another Woman. Self funding ‘The Stretton Foundation’, RAW is the first initiative to be driven from the foundation; working with women who have been victims of domestic violence. The programme matches them with a significant other to walk a supported journey together. RAM – Reclaim A Man is already underway and by the next time Annah speaks for us we have every confidence that this too will be building on a legacy that will not only considerably change the lives of individuals, but of future generations.

The best speakers are the ones who not only inspire, but who empower us through their words – leading us with passion from whatever position we may currently hold in life. We all know that a charismatic speaker leaves an impression on the audience, large or small, that makes them want to come back for more: Giving nothing other than the 150% (as she does in all of her life and business endeavours), Annah does this by the bucket load!

Kate Webb

Founder RISE 2012-2014 & RISE EVENTS