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I am writing on behalf of the attendees, to thank you and the girls for taking the time to travel to Tauranga and speak at the AAPNZ Tauranga Group Cocktail evening.
The journey shared about Reclaim another Woman (RAW) really struck a chord with those in attendance, the courage of the girls is admirable, and for me personally I have really embraced the philosophy. Quotes from your speech and website resonated with the attendees, “real change requires real changes and offering forward a pathway to a different lifestyle as everybody needs someone who believes in them and the role of RAW is to be that someone”.
What we have taken away from last night is motivation and inspiration that we can all make those changes and even if we are only helping one person we are making a difference.
Once again thank you for the opportunity to hear about RAW, well done on the initiatives and RAW’s concept, you truly are making a difference.

Kind regards
Tracy Sherlock
Speaking event AAPNZ Tauranga Group (Wednesday 20 April)