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This is a worthwhile initiative. We can go on all day about all the different scenario’s – women who go back, women who stay, women who try and leave and the tactic’s by their own families to keep them ‘captive’. Once one starts to dig deep to the truth, the reality of what we are dealing seems too big to change.

I believe that in our life time – we will make a change and see a shift in attitudes and more and more women not only waking up but intelligence levels rising. I can confidently say this because in my own personal ‘awakening from oppression’ I have continually been amazed at just how smart I really am ? And many telling me I’m “highly intelligent” and even “you’re a genius”. NOW I tell you this because I am nothing special – I am just like every other female out there – I have just tapped into what everyone can – self belief, inner self and become whole.

Anyhu – onwards and upwards. xx’