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Annah provided us with an outstanding key note address for our conference. Her sharp mind and her business acumen were strongly evident and very inspirational for our audience. It is not an exaggeration to say that everyone was hanging off her every word for the whole of her presentation. She really delivered for us and her story is very inspiring, especially for women. After she left, many people commented to me that they wanted more time to ask questions, further proving the extent to which she engaged the audience. Annah also did a fantastic job at crafting her presentation so that it paired perfectly with the topics we had asked her to talk to and which were relevant for our audience. Annah’s story is fascinating and her presentation for us was top notch. I found it very hard to find a business woman key note speaker so it’s great to have people like Annah in New Zealand who are willing and able to share her story.

Vanessa Frost – Lumino