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I was privileged to attend a RAW presentation recently. Annah’s passion for RAW’s vision and participants was absolutely stimulating. The women themselves and their stories, inspirational. I was left with many thoughts including the following:

Belief – Sometimes we need to be the person that unconditionally and actively believes in someone else before they will believe in themselves.

Time – Time is often the greatest gift we can give someone else. Time can help us heal.

Education – Will open the door to many successes.

Learning – Failure helps us learn and get one step closer to success.

Authenticity – When we share authentically and honestly, it can have an impact on others as well as ourselves.The power of listening – Many answers come through listening rather than talking.

Courage – Change takes courage and time.

Persistence – Luck has little to do with success. Its all hard work and commitment.

Celebration – Success should be celebrated no matter how small.

Heart – None of what has been achieved by RAW as an organisation and as individuals would have been achieved without passion and heart.

Kia hora te marino, Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana, kia tere te Kārohirohi i mua i tōu huarahi.
May the calm be widespread, May the ocean glisten as greenstone, May the shimmer of light ever dance across your pathway.

Tracey-Lee Perry,
Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour,

Cluster 16 , Fraser High School