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Raw impact women

My life before RAW…

“The criminal world would have to be the darkest place I have ever known. Filled with lost souls, damaged individuals, violence, greed and an ugly flavour that’s growing faster than a virus and leaving damages beyond repair. Dishonesty comes with the trade and respect is nowhere to be seen. It’s a place where very few to no real friends are made; where time is wasted, and life has no meaning.”

My life after RAW

“I am blessed to have grown in the RAW whānau and especially being in the company of two very amazing and successful woman, Annah and Rebecca.

My Faith has been restored; there is so much in life to be grateful for. My ability to trust in myself and others plays a big part in who I now am. I feel worthy because of the time I’ve been given, and because RAW believed in me, I did too.

I feel grateful for the honesty and ongoing support and because RAW never gave up on me, I won’t either. Because RAW cared about the future of my family, I now invest time too.

My soul has returned, and I feel amazing living life free from criminal activity, drugs, old associates and lies. I value my time and spend it only on those who matter.

So when asked how RAW has made a difference I can now say that beyond the many opportunities that RAW gave me, RAW has helped me to repair the inner damage and create a life I love living… #forevergrateful”