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“Annah is clearly passionate about RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) which she founded just a year ago.  Her unscripted presentation to our group was from the heart and she is clearly driven to help these women break the cycle and get a better future as independent, successful women and mothers.  The RAW model is based on trust;  trusting that the women it enrolls will respect the opportunities, time and energy put into them but more importantly, that these women trust Annah and the model that can change their lives, crucially, when their misguided trust has led them back down the wrong path so many times in their lives.  Without giving themselves totally and opening up honestly, they will not be ready for the change they need.  Hearing these young women speak was moving and inspirational.  There was hardly a dry eye in the audience when the stories started to unfold. These brave women showed little fear opening up to our group of strangers, telling us their stories with confidence, emotion and conviction that they were ready to change and that RAW was their pathway for a different life – a new life. They have clearly committed themselves and grown with every step RAW has given them.  If you ever doubt whether change is possible for those brought up in abusive homes and orbiting within a life of addiction, violence and crime…….. open your mind and listen to the RAW story. ”

Alison Elford

Personal Assistant to Base Commander Auckland

Royal New Zealand Air Force