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I had the privilege of hearing Annah speak at a Principal’s conference earlier this year and the impact was incredible.

Annah shared her journey in such an honest and heart-warming way, we were spell-bound from start to finish.

Her powerful messages and the way she connected her audience to the people, their stories, the failures and successes of the programme, was truly gripping. She was able to bring us on a journey of compassion, understanding and hope, which has left an indelible mark on all who attended.

Following on from this, I have endeavoured to find opportunities in our education community for Annah to continue sharing the success story of RAW. Most recently with our West Auckland community, where she once again connected on a deeply emotional level with many people in the room. We definitely have heart that this programme is making a difference.

The outcomes of what Annah and her team is achieving with supporting the RAW women to be their best selves, through education, employment and positively contributing to society, will continue to have benefits for the next generation and beyond. Most importantly for our children.

Faye Hauwai (CEO), Learning Network NZ