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Our Milestones | RAW

Annah Stretton. A name. A brand. A person I had never heard of. That is not who I am introducing today.

Annah is an inspiring, really tough, sometimes annoying (said with love), motivating and driving force in my life who has helped me to become the woman that I am today.

She believes in me and my ability, even when I don’t. She saw potential in me when I could only see failure. I get a verbal kick up the backside when I want to give up. She held on really tightly when I tried to run.

Annah has taken me from a world of hopelessness, despair and another lifetime of imprisonment, and introduced me to a world I had never been a part of, a world that I now believe I am a part of.

I am so grateful and truly blessed to have Annah Stretton in my life. This is who I am introducing to you today.