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“Inviting Annah and Ina to speak for us once again was a non-negotiable. The work that is tirelessly being done – with an ever evolving RAW model – to manifest change here in NZ is not only extraordinary, it’s a game changer.

RAW is working with an often uncompromising demographic whose beliefs stem from generational traits that have gone before it – lifestyles and circumstances that dictate unimaginable outcomes many of us will never truly be able to comprehend.

Yet the combination of Annahs incredibly engaging, factual and visionary delivery, combined with the raw reality of hearing directly from Ina – someone who has broken the cycle of being incarcerated no less than 7 times – is a powerful speaking combination that is unrivalled on the speaker circuit.

To appreciate the enormity, impact and scalable change RAW is making, you need to hear and witness it direct from a duo that is unprecedented in its content and delivery.

We all need to play a role here in NZ and open our eyes beyond our very safe and somewhat sheltered lives. Their message is one that we cannot ignore, and one that needs to be heard across the country.”

Kate Webb
Founder RISE Events
6th September 2017