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Raw in Prisons

Kia ora everyone.. it has been a while since my last update, so there is a lot to talk about ..

Let’s start with the introduction of RAW in the prisons…

I know that I’ve covered this before, but now that we are truly underway re-introducing the RAW program to women who have been sentenced and are transitioning back into society by way of a fixed term in prison. The majority of these women have also suffered from domestic violence though out their lives and are still connected, endure and practice violent and destructive behaviours themselves. Our purpose here is to stop them from re-offending and help change their future for the greater good… by a mentor ( significant other ) connection.

reclaim another woman new zealand prison cellRecently we have started engaging with women in Wiri Prison where a RAW Mentee who has spent considerable time in prison over her past years and our Operations Manager – Rebecca, visit the site weekly, they are building a rapport and trust with the women.

Having one of our RAW Mentee’s attend these visits, given she is an ex-con herself she knows the prison system well and how most of the women think, she has been a strong advancer of the RAW initiative. She is real and inspires the prisoners and gives them hope about the possibility of change, just as she has done. The aim is to get support and an educational pathway sorted while the women are incarcerated, with the RAW team walking beside them to achieve this.

reclaim another woman new zealand prison

Wiri Prison visits are now in full swing and the right connections are being made.

We now have contacts in Christchurch Prison, which we hope to see up and running soon.

More great news is that we are in the process of liaising with Dunedin Refuge to launch RAW . “Woo Hoo,” RAW has progressed so much since our initial Hamilton pilot at the beginning of this year.

What a way to finish this year, with a BANG!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far, and will see you all again soon. Until then….

Marama Te Ngahue,

RAW Mentee and administrator