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It was so lovely to get to work and see your email. I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday and have been thinking about it a lot. Mostly I have thinking about how culturally appropriate your model is. That’s one of the reasons you are getting the ladies to commit to the programme and why so many are successful. ‘You believe in them and value their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Some of them may not have had this before.  The authenticity of the ladies sharing their own stories and hope took so much courage.  These stories will have opened the eyes and hearts of many in the room. Celebrating their success will just give them more and more reasons to keep on going in the right direction. My thoughts yesterday came directly from my heart.

Thank you for believing. It really does make a difference.

Nga mihi

Tracey-Lee Perry,
Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour,

Cluster 16 , Fraser High School