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RAW 2016 Christchurch Fundraiser Summary

Friday 29th April @ The Cashmere Club, Christchurch


To all the wonderful sponsors – I cannot thank you enough for your support with this event. It was my second event arranged supporting RAW and it was a great success – increased attendance and funds from 2015.

Kate Webb of RISE was the MC for the evening and certainly did a wonderful job of ensuring the guests were involved and welcomed, and that all sponsors were recognised and thanked for their support – as without you we could not have achieved what we have done.

Guest Speaker and founder of RAW –  Annah Stretton and RAW representatives Ina and Gina –  each presented honest, upfront and moving stories in regards to the organisation and their past, and where they are heading for their futures.

To have these ladies present to the guests certainly re-cemented the organisations purpose, goals and proof of outcomes to date.  The RAW programme has evolved significantly in the last 12 months and the future of the organisation is certainly growing and very strong.

The RAW organisation is making positive pathways for the ladies in the programme.  For example I met Gina last year  and to see her now – WOW! She has certainly grown on so many levels and her desire to support others who are in similar situations is life changing.  Gina’s growth can be seen first-hand as she is one of the speakers at  the Tedx Manukau event this weekend. I’m so very proud of her. This is why I’m so passionate about supporting.

Thanks to you – your  acts of kindness, spreading awareness, raising funds  – this all contributes to supporting change, growth and futures.  These ladies now have the opportunity to really LIVE, to be the parents to their children, contributing members of society and role models – there are other pathways, there ARE people that genuinely want to help. They too can live a happy and healthier life.

With a total of 59 ladies in attendance we managed to raise just over $3700.00.  Funds were raised through ticket sales, VIP promotional tables and the balance made possible from the generous auction items donated by you.

Though a smaller attendance than intended, we can confirm that over 300 businesses  and contacts in various forms had been made aware of the event and sponsor involvement, through paid social media adverts, local radio community notices, personal flyer deliveries to local businesses and community notice boards. Metropol magazine have in their June 2016 publication a review of the event, as well as posting photos on their Facebook site.

I, through my public personal FB site, RISE and RAW sites, have also shared the photos and event. I have also posted (on all sponsors with FB pages) the following message to further publically acknowledge your involvement.  Please feel free to utilise any photos in any of your communications ie websites, newsletters.

“Thank you so much for your support of my Christchurch 2016 RAW Fundraiser.  With your help we managed to raise just over $3700.00.  A wonderful ladies night raising funds for Reclaim Another Women.   www.raw.org.nz . Your support is truly appreciated!!”