RAW On-the-Outside offers an unprecedented level of support to enable wahine to start a journey of re-integrating back into the community and building a legal life for themselves and their tamariki.

Our multi-layered support model begins pre-release before moving into an out-of-gate model that provides safe accommodation, mentoring, education scholarships and/or employment opportunities.  Each layer has been carefully chosen to counteract the reintegration barriers that each woman faces following incarceration.


The first 12 weeks is widely acknowledged by experts as the most vulnerable time for a new release. Many struggle to come to terms with living outside of the highly regimented prison system that has been their home for years in some instances. While others struggle to break free of old habits and anti-social connections which, in reality, are only ever a phone call or social media message away.

Build fundamental social, communication and lifestyle skills

Shed institutionalised behaviour and thinking

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Get ready for full reintegration without distraction

All women choosing to participate in the RAW model will spend their first 12 weeks in a best practice post-release environment located in the small rural town of Te Aroha. Named HE HAUMARU [The Sanctuary] this rural based location provides all new entrants to the RAW Model with the optimal space to settle, stabilise and begin their reintegration journey.


“We want our new releases to be busy, tired and joyful at the end of each day at the Sanctuary. We want them to experience joy from their surroundings, their learning experiences and the emergence of new lifestyle behaviours. We believe joy and keeping active will be the secret to their early reintegration success in contrast to deprivation and house rules which to date hasn’t been effective”

Rebecca Skilton

Rebecca ProfileClinical Operations Manager | RAW
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