I would like to express my appreciation to RAW, for all of the amazing speakers and talented people they have introduced to us inside the wire. I found Jake Millar, in particular, to be very empowering and an inspiration towomen like myself serving a long sentence. His feedback gave me the determinationto persevere with my future goals no matter the length of the journey.”

JESS, 12.03.2019

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity you presented us with last Wednesday; meeting with the Ministers Kelvin Davis and Andrew Little.

As well as us sharing the experiences and opportunities that RAW is offering, to be given a forum like that where we were able to be frank, speak our minds, and give our personal opinions, as well as a group, at that level was something I have never experienced before. I felt proud to be a part of it and that we weren’t just speaking but we were actually being heard, and our views mattered.

So, once again, thank you for having the faith in us, and giving us another awesome and unique experience.”

JENNY, 19.04.2019

What a blessing and a wonderful surprise to receive an email from you – lord knows it put a gigantic smile on my dial!

I want to also say that I believe RAW is truly a blessing to all who are a part of the organisation. I am all about helping women to excel for the best and nothing less, empowering them to be better than what they were yesterday, embracing each challenge that each day has to offer as if it were their last. IWD caught a lot of the women’s attention and gave them hope to press forward. It also made me realise that I was standoffish to most women and that now I’m slowly pulling my walls down. Sometimes I forget that I was once like the women who first came in and felt uncomfortable so IWD did make women, as well as myself, understand that we are all equal regardless of the differences us women have walked throughout our lives. I will give RAW 120% of who I am and stand for to bring the best out of everyone. It’s such a privilege to be a part of an amazing, powerful, empowering, hopeful, strengthening and opportunity organisation.

I find it hard to express how much RAW is such a blessing in many areas of one’s life – it’s a positive force to be reckoned with!”

AMIE, 19.03.2019

I am so happy with all the women involved in the National Women’s Day especially ZaanKah who went far and wide to make all of it come together as smoothly as it did. To be able to get the right wahine for the right tasks and bring them aboard is what I love to do and it gives them purpose and a time to shine and do what they are good at doing which they love. I am so happy that I spoke well and did you proud and RAW as well. I will continue to bring good to our workshops and do the best I can to make sure no one does anything to jeopardise what we here at the library and ARWCF have running with RAW On the Inside. I am so glad you see me as an awesome advocate for RAW. I truly take my position seriously and with pride and I am passionate about what I do and what RAW brings. Once again thank you so much for the acknowledgement.

Since the National Women’s Day there has been so many women that have opened their eyes and themselves up to what RAW represents and brings to our lives – all through genuine hope, caring and kindness. They see the goodness for what it is. It speaks for itself and it shows through all of us that are doing it now. I’ve had a woman come up to me and make an appointment to see Rebecca. She said “I want to make that change in my life” which tells me the change in here is truly going to happen. It’s already happening. Thank you for making our lives fruitful and happy. Just having people like you and Rebecca that truly care gives us joy and hope.”

TAYLOR, 20.03.2019

“I would like to express my appreciation for the significant positive impact RAW is bringing to us here at ARWCF. I am very grateful to be able to take part in all that RAW offers. The continuous conditioning that you both provide every week is laying down the foundation to enable the cycle of change.

Rebecca you are a life coach to us. You have opened my eyes with our one-on-one coaching sessions. I am now starting to see my way forward, use my time wisely and develop a life worth living.

Annah your ability to enable change and inspire us is extremely uplifting. The workshops you host provide a vast array of valuable skills, confidence and plenty of motivation. I have so much gratitude for the dynamic duo that you are. RAW On the Inside is a gift!

It is without doubt that the momentum will continue at a rapid rate with desirable outcomes and a measurable impact. The recent Ministers visit at ARWCF was a prime example of the significance that RAW has in this environment.

RAW is a platform for fundamental change and happiness and we are increasingly taking the steps to the Platform!

TARA, 19.04.2019

Thank you for once again bringing us a quality speaker. Right from the moment Grant walked in and greeted each and every one of us personally, he had my full attention.

His delivery was in lay man’s terms and very easy to understand and follow. I was able to incorporate information I learnt in to our group presentation for the entrepreneur course. After most weeks I always tell my daughter about who came in and the topic of the week. Well this one she was very interested in as she is in the process of starting up a small business, so I directed her to Rocket Spark.

So Annah, I really do thank you for everything you do for us. Personally since the start of the entrepreneur course my mind has been working overtime with lots of ideas – some huge and some very basic – and having speakers like Grant coming in fills us with thought provoking ideas. Now I can’t wait for the Eat My Lunch Lady and Hilary Barry. Hilary Barry is such a wonderfully inspiring woman who is extremely professional and at the same time can laugh at herself. Can’t wait!”

DEANNE, 12.05.2019

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know firstly how much I appreciate everything you both have done for me since I have been engaged with RAW. Although I haven’t said this as much as I know I should or as much as I feel it, I do appreciate all your efforts, thoughts and time you have given me.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know how much I got out of the session with Mrs Sharkey that took place today and the session we had the week before on assertiveness/aggressiveness and other types of communications styles. Both sessions really hit home for me and helped me strengthen the words of wisdom Bec and I have been having together and really encouraged me to believe that I have value and self-worth!

I believe that while this is my number one area I need to work on, it is with people like Mrs Sharkey and the lady the week before that will help me along the pathway.

So, in saying that, without you both putting your time an energy into me and us I wouldn’t get these opportunities, so I thank you so much and I look forward to our future together.”

SARAH, 30.05.2019

“I look forward to the RAW sessions each week and moving forward, for my change to inspire and empower the women around me.”


What choked me up the most was that there was this hugely successful person standing in front of us emphasising that no one person’s worth is less than anyone else’s and, that just for being human we have the same value as Meghan Markle. I found it immensely pivotal to have three remarkable people in one room that believe in us!”

SELINA, Selina on Glen Sharkey

“Annah, You are truly a ‘Godsend’, an ‘angel’ from above. Thank you for all the people that you have helped and continue to help. You bring nothing but JOY, HOPE, AND LOVE and happiness as well.”


I want you to know that you have brought HOPE into my life and to many others inside and out. You inspire us to live, something we have never done or been able to do especially for ourselves because our lives have always been about others’ needs and wants. BUT RAW is our pathway to success and the dreams we have had forever to now become a reality.”


“I now finally believe that good things can happen and are happening to me and the other women thanks to RAW. Totally everything you represent and bring into our lives is special, kind and caring.”


RAW has been great for my soul. I feel so hopeful and inspired after the sessions; feelings I haven’t felt since coming to prison. What you and Becs have developed is incredible, I am so proud to be involved in my small way. What you have introduced to us inside and outside… is JUST awesome!”



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