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RAW is privileged to have been shortlisted for a UN Women Project Inspire grant for its Entrepreneur Programme to be launched in early 2017. 

All the shortlist candidates have been invited to crowd fund as part of demonstrating public support for our respective projects.


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RAW Entrepreneur Programme

An extensive criminal record is a big barrier to employment. As an alternative setting up in business is very attractive for former offenders with an entrepreneurial flair.


RAW is not aware of anyone offering prisoner entrepreneurship programmes within New Zealand.  However, overseas there are a few programmes operating that have had outstanding results – significantly reduced recidivism, a number of successful business start-ups and for those who did not start employment high transition into paid work or further study.


The RAW entrepreneur programme will begin in early 2017 in 3 phases:

  1. Phase 1 will focus on:
  • Workshops developing skills an employer wants from an employee
  • Exploring whether participants have an interest in being self –employed
  • Providing work experience to allow participants to put into practice what they learn


  1. Phase 2 will take any participant from Phase 1 wanting to explore self-employment further and:
  • Assist them to research potential business ideas
  • Provide workshops on being in business
  • Assist them to develop a business plan
  • Find them a business mentor suitable for their proposed business activity
  • Complete an evaluation on the feasibility of their business plan and assist them to start up a business; find employment; or identify further education opportunities


  1. Phase 3 will take those participants starting up a business and:
  • Assist them with leasing premises, buying equipment and other areas that may be challenging for a former criminal
  • Provide further workshops on being in business (applying what they learn to their business)
  • Provide business mentoring
  • Support them to start the National Certificate in Small Business Management (Level 4) (optional).


If we make it to the Project Inspire finals and win the prize it will be used to offer financial assistance to the women to start their business.

To find out about Project Inspire and the 2016 semi-finalists visit http://www.projinspire.com/media-release-project-inspire-semi-finalists-announced/